At Cubiscan, in the business of producing data — the most accurate dimensioning data available on the market. With many years of experience of experience and over 15,000 units installed worldwide, we are the leaders in cubing and dimensioning.

The data our systems provide is highly accurate, that separates us from all the others.

From warehousing and space management to shipping and receiving to logistics and transportation, we understand the challenges you face because we’ve been there developing our innovations right along side you.

We are the worldwide leader and pioneer in cubing and dimensioning. Let our technology, our data and our experienced team guide your company to increased profits and improved efficiencies. At Cubiscan, our experience is our guide.


In 1987 we began as most companies do, with an idea. No one knew what cubing and dimensioning were and the internet was yet to be a worldwide force, let alone the personal computer. And yet, there we were, selling a product a bit ahead of its time.

We started with government projects with optimizing and streamlining their business operations with a Cubiscan, but soon, demand and customer needs would push our development into new realms of possibility. We pioneered many new systems and technologies for helping the biggest brands in the world improve their margins. Our partners the biggest brands in the world including apparel, automotive, airline, logistics, technology and innovation.

We’re proud of the trust our customers.



CubiScan - we are one big family. We work hard and fun. Cubiscan is built to last. The CubiScan plays a huge role in the life of each of us, in the formation of personality, as particles of society. Yes, we are all different, but we are all human and are simply obliged to find a common language and understanding with each other. Only in friendship and communication in a team are the best qualities of people revealed. As we innovate for what’s to come and as we take care of our existing customers, you are in good hands, too.


As an employee-owned company, we have numerous advantages that work for the benefit of our customers. We have no outside debt, which removes external pressure and allows us to focus our efforts on building better products and solutions for our customers.

As owner-operators, we have a deep understanding of the business which allows us to identify issues and work quickly to address them.

Lastly, we have a unique culture that gives our employees the ability to be with their families, have fun and lead balanced lives. Those are all benefits passed on to you, the customer.

Why Cubiscan?


As a company of one-minders, we are moving towards the development of our business. We are improving every day. We penetrate the needs of our clients and know what our customers expect from us. Therefore, our hard work ensures the success of our partners.

Industrial Quality

Cubiscans are built to last from the inside out.
Our steel is industrial grade and engineered to last in challenging warehouse environments. The sensors and internal components of a Cubiscan are built to endure the rigors required for portability and the occasional rough treatment they may encounter.
Lastly, our firmware is robust and developed for turnkey usage and quick adoption at any operation.


A Cubiscan is essentially a data capture device. Our systems are the most accurate and consistent systems on the market. Many companies will tell you their dimensioner can measure anything in any conditions. We actually have systems that can accomplish this for you. We encourage you to give a Cubiscan a test-run to witness our accuracy first-hand. Compare it with competitor products and put it to the test. We won’t sell any product that we don’t stand behind.


Lastly, our systems all leave our facility certified by one of our trained staff and ready to work for you. If you receive your Cubiscan system and it doesn’t meet the standard, we’ll ship it back and replace it for you. Then, to ensure you get many years of productive use from your machine, we offer a program where your Cubiscan can be re-certified annually for weights and measures. This ensures you are getting the most accurate data from your system. Along with this certification, we will train your staff because we know turnover can often be an issue. Lastly, we’ll conduct a preventive maintenance on your machine to ensure every component is ready for another year of wear and tear.

Global Dimensioning Alliance

For a small or mid-sized business, it can be quite difficult to meet the requirements of a global market. That’s why partnership with similar companies in other regions of the world is so important to provide innovative products and best-in-class services on a global scale. Farmington, Utah-based Cubiscan and Alsdorf, Germany-based AKL-tec joined forces in 2016 to create the Global Dimensioning Alliance (GDA). The Global Dimensioning Alliance is a worldwide group of manufacturers and integrators who have joined forces in advancing the quality and innovation of cubing and dimensioning worldwide.